The best gift you can give your child is the healthiest, happiest version of yourself!

Why We’re Here

Nightingale Baby was established out of passion for supporting expectant and postpartum families during their journey into parenthood.  With over ten years of experience working with new moms and babies in local San Diego hospitals, it became clear families needed more ongoing, personalized support.  We wanted to offer the support families need such as prenatal classes that discuss what really happens during labor and postpartum support from immediately after delivery through the fourth trimester and more.  Whether it’s your first baby or your fourth, each experience will be unique.  We are here to help!

Empowering Families

Our strongest belief is in empowering families to make the best decisions they can for their families.  Every family’s journey is unique.  Our goals are your goals, without judgement!  We seek to provide the education you’re looking for to make informed decisions that fit your families specific needs.

Ongoing Support

Some families only have an occasional question.  Others have challenges that require ongoing support, whether it be in person consults, needing questions answered, or even emotional support as they navigate challenges they’re experiencing.  We are here for you and can customize our services to fit your particular needs.

We Care

Did we mention we are passionate about helping families?  We will do everything we can to offer the education and support you’re looking for.  You can be confident knowing that we are also thrilled to collaborate with other providers to make sure you are receiving the care you and your family need.  We are here for you because we genuinely care about you and your family!  You will not be alone!


Jennifer Gathman, RN, MSN, IBCLC, PMH-C

Jennifer GathmanMy name is Jen and I am a registered nurse and lactation consultant with over 11 years of experience working with moms and newborns. I started my nursing career as a labor & delivery nurse and loved helping and empowering women to have the birth experience they hoped for. Working in L&D I realized how much support women also needed on their breastfeeding journey, so I became a lactation consultant as well. I could see there was so much room for improvement in caring for new families and promoting breastfeeding. I love being able to help provide the education families seek in order for them to make the best choices for their family. I am passionate about helping new families, without judgement! I genuinely care and am dedicated to being the ongoing support you need!


Marilyn Garner, RN, IBCLC

I will be an IBCLC for 20 years as of 2020 and a RN for over 35 years.
A few years ago I was awarded Nurse of the Year at Sharp in the
Research and Innovations category.
My passion and education in the Lactation specialty was initiated in 1987.
I have worked NICU, Postpartum, and Lactation for Sharp for 27 years.
My BSN is from SDSU.

I was vaccinated with part one of Pfizer in December. My two sons and daughter (breastfed of
course) live here in San Diego. Oldest son is a math teacher, second
is a Mechanical Engineer and my daughter majored in Recreation. I love
fiber arts and have made over 100 quilts.


Corinna Sparhawk

Corinna Sparhawk Wydra, Lactation Education Counselor

Hello!  My name is Corinna.  I have a Bachelor of Science in Communications with an emphasis in Media Entertainment.  I also have completed my units and am credentialed as a teacher in Early Childhood Education.  I have taught preschool for over five years and worked intimately with parents and young children.

What especially led me to wanting to become a lactation counselor was my experience with my two children.  Both breastfeeding journeys were completely different and challenging in their own ways.  Because of my nursing experiences, I decided that I want to help others.  I find the science behind breastfeeding so intriguing – it is nutritional, psychological, and creates an intimate bond between mother and child.  I want to share all I have learned with mamas in hopes to help you be successful in your breastfeeding journey – I know how tough it can be and having the right support group can make or break your experience.  I am so excited to share in your endeavor and watch you learn, grow, and enjoy this part of your parenting role!


Megan Bandfield

Megan Bandfield, Lactation Education Counselor

Hi there!  My name is Megan, and I am a registered nurse and lactation education counselor.  My day job is in surgical oncology, and has nothing to do with babies.  However, after delivering my son in February of 2020, I quickly realized how amazing women’s bodies are.  I fell in love with breastfeeding and wanted to share my new passion with those around me.  Breastfeeding can also be so challenging, and having the right support can completely change a breastfeeding duo’s journey…so, here I am.  I can’t wait to meet you and walk alongside your family in this special time.